Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so they say. However according to the ancient Greeks and Egyptians, aesthetic perfection can be calculated using a mathematical formula –1/1.618 also known as the Golden Ratio. This Golden Ratio can be found in nature, (for example in snail shells and pine cones) and in architecture, (the design of the great pyramids in Egypt and the Parthenon in Rome use the Golden Ratio).

Research has indicated that “beautiful” faces tend to obey this ratio. According to the formula, the ideal face is one that is 1.618 times longer than it is wide. This ratio can be applied to any facial feature, including the nose, lips and eyes. According to “old-school science” the ideal face has a number of distinct qualities –

  • The length of the face should be equal to the length of three noses
  • The space between the eyes should be the width of one eye
  • The upper and lower lips should be the same width
  • The eyebrows should be symmetrical
  • The space from the lower eyelid to the upper eyelid should be the same as the space from the upper eyelid to the eyebrow
  • The width of the face across the cheeks should be the same as the length of two noses

Utilizing his trademark, rich, multi layered, photo based, digital, montages, "Golden Ratio" is a body of work from artist JW Andrew exploring the idea of “Perfect Beauty”. Unique images, which dare to ask, in these fully inclusive times we live in, what exactly is "beauty"? How far can it stray from these principles before most people would agree that the word “beautiful” isn’t the most adept! or is the word “beautiful” by its very nature an indistinct, mercurial concept constantly in a state of flux and that “Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder”

Aesthetically, the images are influenced by a wide range of contemporary creatives including –The Miaz Brothers @miazbrothers, Gropius Tochter @gropiustochter, Scott Morgan @morgan5210 

All of these unique "Golden Ratio" images are available to own as top quality, Giclee prints on museum grade, Hahnemuhle etching paper, framed or unframed. Images are supplied with a certificate of authenticity.

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