“He remembers those vanished years as though looking through a dusty window pane, the past is something he could see, but not touch. And everything he sees is blurry and indistinct”

Maggie Cheung – In The Mood for Love by Wong Kar Wei

Indistinct childhood memories and life experiences make up the psyche of who we are, our character, our beliefs, even our national identity. In essence, our whole being is inextricably linked to the Who, Where and When, which form the basis of our very existence. However, paradoxically, these memories, essential to our very being are at most, fuzzy half remembered past events and many times confused, half-truths, with gaps being filled in with borrowed, second-hand facts and emotions.

Utilizing his trademark, rich, multi layered, photo based, digital, montages, JW Andrew confronts with subtle irony, the fundamental human concerns of life, death and relationships that have engaged artists throughout human existence.

After a chance encounter with a shoebox of long forgotten family snapshots, conversations with family and friends and further flea market finds in various countries, he found this rich, treasure trove of lived experiences (his own and those of total strangers)  intriguing and worthy of further research and creative reworking and development. Using this vast gamut of personal narratives, the artist has striven to create visually stimulating images, which engage with memory, territory and core human emotions. Within each image, people, places, everyday objects and memorabilia are imbued with symbolic values known only to an esoteric few. Also in evidence is the fuzzy, half remembered nature of many of the narratives symbolized by blank spaces, blur and the liberal use of core M.S.U. creative principles.

Aesthetically, the images are influenced by a wide range of contemporary creatives including – Gilbert and George, Rosalie Gascoigne, Sigmar Polke and Kristian Schuller amongst others.  Conceptually the thinking of Wong Kar Wei, Dishoom, Glen Baxter and Bob Mortimer has been invaluable.

All of these unique “JIM, JIM & JIMMY” images are available to own as top quality, Giclee prints on museum grade, Hahnemuhle etching paper, framed or unframed. Images are supplied with a certificate of authenticity.

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